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DONG GUAN ZHENYUAN HARDWARE MACHINERY CO.,LTD Founded in 2002, is a professional engaged in grindingBed design, development, manufacturing, sales, repair, service and has a certain scaleAnd the strength of the company. Company is located in mold, hardware, machinery manufacturing forthe characteristics of the worldWorld manufacturing industry is in Dongguan City Guangdong Province, and in the domestic set up a number of sales and marketing.
The company's main products: 614, type 618precision molding plane grinder, heavy cutting250,3060,4080,4510, 50100,60120,70150,80200,100250High precision water grinder; precision small diameter grinding machine, 1010 domestic, 1040,1050,1080,12,14,18types of imported centerless grinder, 15,25,32,45tableThe truck bed,3K,4S,5H, 7H type milling machine, grinder and various small top heart machine surroundingAccessories, machine spare parts, supplies, along with the production technology level rise ceaselessly, make eachMachine tool in machine design, precision and other aspects in the industry has always maintained the same level.At the same time to meet the needs of different customers, we continue to increase R & D efforts, for the specialspecial customized special models and accessories.
This company supplies each kind of goods, are beautiful in line with the thing, are moderately-priced, durable, accepts the time the "one-stop" work style to serve the superiority, for general customers and so on molds, mold fitting, hardware processing has saved the precious time, obtained inside and outside the broad great undertaking public figure's consistent high praise.
The company over the introduction of machinery manufacturing industry has many years of clinical experience of the professionals, negativeResponsible for development, design and manufacturing, and equipped with professional and technical backbone to provide professional customer service service.We uphold the refine on innovation concept, all my colleagues to unite in a concerted effort, have to realizeWill be To create a well-known brands and spare no effort. Warmly welcome newand old customersVisit the guide, hope that our services can help your career brilliant effort.

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Address:Shop in Guangdong: No.1356 West Meijing Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province [Website management]